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07/18/10; I am a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program with a Holistic Health minor in the bay area, joining the ranks of Registered Nurse. I live in & love Oakland. I have been a vegetarian since age 10 and vegan since age 18; please feel free to ask me about my experience. I also have training as a phlebotomist & a massage therapist specializing in Tui Na (clothes on). I have aspirations of going to graduate school and eventually spending some of my efforts teaching. I love to listen to, play, and write music. I'm fluent in ASL. I would do anything in the world for the ones I love. Along with certain special people, I also love tattoos, animals (especially, but not limited to the ones that depend on me for survival), and dancing. I enjoy talking about my menstrual cycle (DIVA CUP!) and IUD a little much for some people's taste, but I find it an endearing quality. I enjoy studying Russian martial arts & yoga. I also find I need to be surrounded by nature alone at least once a week, otherwise I risk going crazy. Science, art, and math amaze me. I've dated the same old person since 2006 & it's a part of my life but and I am so much more. I'm fastly becoming reacquainted with my artistic side and on top of painting, drawing, & singing, I enjoy writing bad poetry that doesn't rhyme, decent music without lyrics (I keep trying but it doesn't come easily), and stories that have no endings.

Read the Phantom Tollbooth now and thank me later. While you're at it, pick up East of Eden too.

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Acupressure is healing love
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